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The American A stronomical Society

The preeminent professional organization for astronomers in the U.S.

The College of Charleston Observatory

Open Houses held 3rd Friday of each Month


WeĠre hosting multiple eclipse events around Charleston

Hubble Space Telescope

A link to the HST gallery of images


A little bit about me -

I received a B.S. in Physics from Trinity University (1990), an M.S. in Physics and a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from the Georgia State University (1996). I joined the Physics and Astronomy Department in August of 1997, after spending a year at the UniversitŽ de Montreal as a post-doc. My research interests are the fundamental parameters of massive stars: their masses, radii, temperatures, and rotation rates. Courses I teach at CofC include Introductory Astronomy, Introductory Physics, Modern Physics, & Thermal Physics. I am also a mom of three great kids.


updated: 22 June 2017